Harmony Amidst Chaos


A legnagyobb méreteket (80x120 cm, 90x90 cm) sajnos nem szállíthatóak futárral, de Budapesten a személyes átvétel megoldható.


n the heart of chaos, I find my canvas. Each stroke is a dance, a calculated rebellion against the mundane. The vivid hues of blue, green, yellow, orange, and black collide in a riot of color, giving birth to a world where utopian figures coexist with everyday objects. They stand tall, together, defying the norms.

As I paint, I’m drawn to the idea of balance in chaos. It’s a reflection of life itself, where disparate elements find unity in their shared existence. The living beings intertwine with trees, cars, and nameless objects, forming a tapestry of existence. The crowded arrangement is intentional, a testament to the beauty that arises from diversity.

The atmosphere I aim for is one of vibrant serenity. It’s a celebration of life’s complexities, an ode to the resilience of the human spirit. Each painting tells a story of unity, of finding common ground amidst apparent discord.

Behind these strokes lies my own journey. The motivations are rooted in my fascination with the human condition, the interplay of individuality and collective experience. It’s a tribute to the power of diversity, to the strength we find in our connections.

  16″ x 24″ (Vertical) 20″ x 30″ (Vertical) 24″ x 36″ (Vertical) 32″ x 48″ (Vertical)
Width, cm 40.64 50.80 60.96 81.28
Height, cm 60.96 76.20 91.44 121.92
Depth, cm 3.18 3.18 3.18 3.18

Each matte canvas comes with back hanging already included for convenient placement. The frame is made with profile radial pine that is ethically sourced from renewable forests.

.: Materials: cotton and polyester composite (canvas), pine wood (frame)
.: Back hanging included
.: Inner frame made with radial pine sourced from renewable forests
.: NB! Due to the production process of the canvases, please allow for slight size deviations with a tolerance +/- 1/8″ (3.2mm)

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